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Z89 X300U-A Mount Parts Kit

Spare Parts & Mounting Kit for SureFire X300 A-Series Handgun WeaponLights




  • Keep your X300 A-Series handgun WeaponLight properly maintained with genuine SureFire hardware
  • Available in your choice of Black or Tan

Keep It Real. SureFire offers Z89 and Z89-TN parts kits to provide X300 A-series handgun WeaponLight users with genuine OE replacement parts. There's no need to source poor-quality or misfit parts for your X300A model. SureFire has you covered! Every Z89 and Z89-TN parts kit includes the following user-replaceable parts:

6 ea. SHC Screw, 2-56 x 5/16

1 ea. SHC Screw, 2-56 x 5/8

1 ea. Slide Latch, Universal

1 ea. Slide Latch Lock

1 ea. Rail Interface, Right Side

1 ea. Rail Interface, Left Side

1 ea. Slide Latch, Picatinny

1 ea. Lock Actuator

1 ea. Lever Latch, X200/X300 Picatinny

1 ea. Lever Latch, Univeral

1 ea. Crest to Crest Spring

1 ea. Loctite Adhesive 242, .5ml

1 ea. Hex Wrench, 5/64

The Z89 and Z89-TN are spare mount parts kits for the following WeaponLight models: X300T-A; X300U-A; X300V; X300T-A-TN; X300U-A-TN.




Key Attributes

High-Strength Polymer
1.6 oz (45 g)

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