There have been reported incidents of counterfeit and/or inferior-quality lithium batteries developing internal shorts that have led to fires and/or explosions. This has resulted in damage to the illumination tool and, in some rare cases, property damage and/or personal injury.

Customers are specifically WARNED against purchasing batteries from online-auction and other websites not authorized by SureFire, as these are known sources of counterfeit and/or inferior-quality batteries.

The use of counterfeit and/or inferior-quality batteries could greatly reduce runtime and output performance, damage your SureFire illumination tool, constitute a safety hazard, and may void SureFire’s No-Hassle Promise.

SureFire-brand batteries, and those rechargeable batteries sold directly by SureFire, are manufactured to strict quality standards specifically for use in high-performance, high-drain devices. All SureFire-brand batteries contain built-in fault and heat protection for added safety.

For these reasons, SureFire specifies that you purchase competitively priced replacement batteries from SureFire or an authorized SureFire dealer. Locate your nearest SureFire dealer here. That way, quality and safety are guaranteed while prices are kept low—typically far lower than the retail price of comparable or questionable-quality batteries—to accommodate the needs and safety of our valued customers.

SureFire performance claims are based on the use of SureFire batteries that initially ship with SureFire illumination tools.

You may also use batteries from well-known manufacturers such as Panasonic®, Energizer®, or Duracell® to ensure safe performance. These brands are registered trademarks of their respective companies.



Disposable lithium 123A, rechargeable LFP 123A, and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can EXPLODE, CATCH FIRE, and/or CAUSE BURNS if disassembled, punctured, cut, crushed, short-circuited, incinerated, recharged (disposable cells only), or exposed to water, fire, or high temperatures. To ensure optimal safety and performance:

• DO NOT use any batteries advertised or promoted specifically for use in cameras, for photography, or for other low-drain purposes in SureFire illumination tools. Use only batteries labeled as safe to use in high-performance, high-drain devices that contain built-in fault and heat protection. Use of photographic-type batteries can constitute a safety hazard, including risk of fire or explosion.

• DO NOT use counterfeit or inferior-quality batteries in SureFire illumination tools (see above). Use only SureFire-brand batteries purchased from or from an authorized SureFire dealer, or from established, well-known manufacturers, such as Panasonic®, Energizer®, or Duracell®. These brands are registered trademarks of their respective companies.

• DO NOT place loose batteries in a pocket, purse, or other receptacle containing metal objects.

• DO NOT store batteries with hazardous or combustible material; store in a cool, dry, ventilated area.

• ALWAYS keep batteries away from children.

• REPLACE ALL batteries at the same time and DO NOT load batteries backward. Follow the directions in the user manual and/or written on the SureFire illumination tool.

• ONLY USE rechargeable LFP 123A batteries in SureFire LED illumination tools designed to be powered primarily by disposable 123A lithium batteries, and use only those rechargeable batteries sold at or from an authorized SureFire dealer, as these rechargeable cells are expressly for use in high-drain devices like SureFire flashlights and WeaponLights.

• DO NOT use rechargeable LFP 123A batteries in incandescent illumination tools; the initial elevated voltage after charging may burn out or break an incandescent lamp’s filament.

• NEVER attempt to recharge a disposable 123A lithium battery. Recharge lithium-ion and LFP 123A batteries only with their respective, designated chargers and per the charger’s directions.

• In the unlikely event 123A lithium or LFP 123A batteries catch fire, DO NOT attempt to put the fire out with water—use a Class D fire extinguisher or other smothering agent.

• In the unlikely event a lithium-ion battery catches fire, DO NOT attempt to put the fire out with water—use a Class A, B, or C fire extinguisher.

• Follow applicable laws and regulations for transport, shipping, and disposal of batteries. For details on recycling lithium, lithium-phosphate, and lithium-ion batteries, please contact a government recycling agency, your waste-disposal service, or visit reputable online recycling sources such as

Failure to follow these warnings and/or directions could result in damage to your SureFire illumination tool that may not be covered by SureFire’s No-Hassle Promise.