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Millennium/Classic Universal Tailcap Switch w/ Disable

  • A waterproof switch assembly for reliability in wet conditions
  • System disable feature for safety and versatility
  • Fits Millennium Universal and Classic Universal WeaponLights

Take Control Of The Situation. The XM00 is a waterproof switch assembly for SureFire’s Millennium Universal and Classic Universal WeaponLights. It includes a system disable feature, click on/off push-button switch, and a socket for either a ST07, SR07 or SR07-D-IT remote pressure switch. The XM00 does not include a remote pressure switch.



  • Durable, dependable click on/off push-button switch
  • Compatible with ST07, SR07 and SR07-D-IT remote pressure pad assemblies and their longer cable models (not included)
  • Critical system disable feature prevents accidental discharge of WeaponLight



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