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Holster for Select SureFire Flashlight Models




  • A robust holster that is capable of carrying a variety of SureFire lights
  • Access light from head-up or head-down position*
  • Protects light from impact for added security

Gain Rapid Access. The patented V70 Polymer Speed Holster allows the user to quickly access the flashlight from either a head-up or head-down position. Rigid polymer construction protects your light from impact while ensuring an "open mouth" for fumble-free re-holstering. An adjustable spacer allows the molded-in belt slot to be fitted to belts up to 2.25 inches wide.



  • Rugged polymer construction
  • Allows rapid draw and re-holster
  • Adjustable for varying belt sizes up to 2.25 inches wide
  • Always retains shape
  • Fits 6P, 6PD, 6PDL, 6PL, 6PX, 6PXD, 9P, C2, C2L, C3, G2, G2D-FYL, G2-LED, G2L-FYL, G2X, G2XLE, G2Z, G2ZL, G2ZX, G3, G3L, G3L-FYL, P2X, U2, Z2, Z2L and Z2X
  • Note: Flashlights with bezel diameters larger than 1.25 inches will only fit tailcap-down V70





Product Reviews

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  • V70

    J Farris Dec 12th 2015
    4 4

    So far I'm happy with the product. I really would like Surefire to bring back the rotating holster that allowed for angling the flashlight placement. That holster allowed for a more natural motion. What impresses me most though is the quality of Surefire's products and commitment to customer satisfaction. You guys took care of me and I will remember that.

  • Great, solid holster.

    Tim Nottage Nov 3rd 2013
    4 4

    I am a marine engineer, I carry a torch with me every day at work. I use the AZ2 Combat Light with this holster. Its a heavy duty holster which securely holds the torch through any abuse. The ability to insert the torch bezel down is a nice trick, makes deploying the light easy - specially if you have your other hand full (eg holding something up). As noted in other reviews though this does scratch the end of the bezel.The only down side to it I found was, if you wear a thick belt, then you'll have to file down the channel to allow your belt to fit. Its fine if you wear a thin belt but mine was too thick to pass through.All in all a great product for my favorite tool, my AZ2!!

  • V70 Holster

    Chris Williams Oct 23rd 2013
    4 4

    Work as an armed courier and needed a holster for my Surefire 6P Classic light.Attached this to a 1.75 inch, nylon, duty belt. Pretty happy with the product. Love how the flashlight can be inserted handle up. Increases the speed that I can use it with my sidearm in low light situations. Turn it around lens down in the daytime for more comfortable carry,Minuses on this holster:1. Carrying the light handle up scratches up the bezel around the light.2. Constantly tightening the slide in the holster that keeps the holster secure to the belt and keeps it from moving up and down.All in all, great product for what I paid for it.