SOCOM Shim Kits

SureFire SOCOM Adapter

  • FH556RC-1/2-28 Select Z-70031
  • FH762RC-5/8-24 Select Z-70121
  • SF3P-556-1/2-28 Select Z-71652
  • SFA2-556-1/2-28 Select Z-71652
  • SFCT-556-1/2-28 Select Z-71652
  • SFMB-556-1/2-28 Select Z-71652
  • WARCOMP-556-1/2-28 Select Z-71652
  • WARCOMP-556-CTN-1/2-28 Select Z-71652
  • SF3P-762-1/2-28 Select Z-71652
  • SFMB-65-5/8-24 Select Z-71657
  • SF3P-762-5/8-24 Select Z-71657
  • SFMB-762-5/8-24 Select Z-71657
  • WARCOMP-762-5/8-24 Select Z-71657
  • SFMB-338-5/8-24 Select Z-71657

Get Your Timing Right. SureFire SOCOM shim kits help ensure precise timing of SureFire SOCOM muzzle devices on a rifle barrel. Each kit includes shims with different thicknesses. The shims can be used alone or combined to achieve proper muzzle device alignment. Constructed from 300-series stainless steel for durability and long service life. Shims are color-coded—no need to measure to ensure proper thickness.

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