Crew Served WeaponLights

Ignite The Tip Of The Spear

Fit for any battle

SureFire Hellfighter® WeaponLights are built to thrive in any combat zone. These rugged lighting systems fulfill the extreme requirements of crew-served weapons such as the M2, M240, Mk 19, Miniguns and belt-fed guns. Their high-intensity (HID) filament lamps are virtually immune to failure from recoil, vibration, or impact, and last for thousands of hours without replacement. Hellfighters feature reliable integrated batteries for easy, portable operation, and they can also be powered by a vehicle’s 12-volt electrical system, a NATO slave socket or BA5590 military batteries. They’re fit for any battle — air, land or sea


Crew Served Weaponlights

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Crew Served Gun / Heavy Gun WeaponLight, Searchlight, Infrared Illuminator