I was in bed, sleeping, when I thought I heard our wood floor creak. I waited, and it creaked again, so I pulled my HK USP45 equipped with my Surefire X400® Ultra with red-laser sight from my nightstand. I turned on the laser-and-flashlight setting and chambered a round. As I came out of the bedroom and cleared the laundry room, the light/laser ran past the entry wall and that must have been a scary sight, because one of the two men ran straight through my bay window, and his accomplice followed. I heard the crash and ran around into the dining room to see two bodies running down the street—and my driveway to the street is about 125 yards long. My X400 Ultra was enough to scare two grown men to run through heavy glass and complete a 120-yard dash at speeds that seemed faster than any professional running back in the NFL. That night your product protected me, my four children, and my fiancé. For that, even if that SureFire X400 cost $10,000, it would’ve been money well spent. Since then, I’ve equipped my other five handguns with X400s as well. Thanks, SureFire.

Chad B.
Gresham, OR

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