My SureFire X300® saved a life one night, back in 2009. I was working night watch about 9:00 p.m. on a cold California night. I got a report of a person in a park lying on the ground in a poorly lit area. I arrived and contacted the person, who was asleep and clearly intoxicated. I woke him up, and he immediately started making threats. He got up, and before I could lay hands on him, he told me he had a gun, his right hand going for his waist band under his coat at the same time. I quickly drew my Glock 22, fired up my X300, and moved to my left. The suspect put his right hand in front of his face to shield his eyes from the intense light that was coming from my X300. Luckily for him, my X300 lit him up so brightly that I could see everything clear as day, and there was no gun under his coat. He ended up getting arrested, but it could've ended much, much worse for him. The light from my X300 was so bright that he had to shield his eyes from the light with his hands, which gave me enough time to see there was no gun and not escalate the force level. I've used my X300 many other times since then, but this incident really stands out to me. I believe the X300 is one of the best weapon-mounted lights on the market today. Thanks, SureFire.

David S.
Oceanside, CA

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