I was working night patrol when I received a call about a suspicious noise coming from the rear alley of a local business. When I arrived on the scene, I saw a subject walking away from the business. I parked my marked unit and, as I exited, I asked him what he was doing. Before I could finish my sentence, I was looking down the barrel of a semi-automatic pistol. I ran to the opposite side of my unit and drew my weapon. As the subject gave chase, I stopped and pointed my gun at the subject and told him to drop the gun. I illuminated the subject with my SureFire X300® just as he pointed his gun at me a second time. Shots were fired, and the rest is history.

I truly believe that my tactics, training, and SureFire X300 kept me a few fractions of a second ahead, and alive, that fateful night. I won't be able to get my weapon or my X300 back until the criminal case has been cleared, so I've been saving my money to purchase another X300. I feel naked every night I hit the streets without one, so hopefully I can purchase one (maybe even two) soon. I have stressed the importance of a reliable weapon-mounted light to all of my partners; since my incident, many have purchased one specifically, the SureFire X300. SureFire was a major element in my survival that night, and I hope all of the officers who read this story take into consideration just how important it is for them to have a reliable lighting system. Thank you, SureFire, for keeping me safe, alive, and able to return home to my family.

Rene M.
Brawley, CA

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