While stationed in Iraq with the 3rd 116th Infantry as a convoy commander, we were leaving Taji at night, en route to pick up additional vehicles in Baghdad, when the alternator burned out in my armored security vehicle. During the quick stop in Baghdad en route back to Al Taqaddum, the mechanic told me I had a good chance of making it back to Al Taqaddum as long as the batteries maintained their charge. Well, with 150 miles left to travel, the vehicle lights went black, as did the radio communications, and my driver nearly hit a highway divider. So I used the SureFire M951XM07 WeaponLight mounted on my weapon to illuminate the road all the way back to Al Taqaddum. An hour and three quarters later we made it back and my M951 still had enough power to illuminate the path back to our cans. That's one tough light.

Murril M.
Danville, VA

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