I am a Master at Arms (Military Police) in the Navy Reserve, and I have been activated and currently deployed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. One of the benefits of being stationed in the Caribbean is great SCUBA diving.

On one particular dive, our group was diving on a wreck, in 48 feet of water, when one of the ladies in the group found a Surefire WeaponLight on the ocean floor. It had apparently been down there for some time, based on all the build-up on it. When we resurfaced and got back on the boat, she took the light apart and wiped it down thoroughly to clean off the crud and dry it. When she put it back together and hit the on switch, it still worked!

Any product that's built with such quality and durability to withstand time on the bottom of the ocean is an outstanding product, in my book. When I return to the States next month, I will be saving up the money to buy a SureFire light for my civilian job. I most definitely will be carrying it with me all the time, especially on my next deployment.

Gary B., Petty Officer 2nd Class
High Point, NC