My SureFire Defender® helped save a man at the sawmill I work at. A 37-year-old man got caught in a machine and got his hand and part of his arm rolled up in a sawdust tail drum. The foremen had cheap, weak flashlights—the kind powered by two D-cell batteries—which three of them were using to illuminate the scene while another foreman tried to cut the trapped man free by cutting the belt. I grabbed my SureFire Defender from my pocket and clicked it on to instantly reveal that the foreman was not just cutting the belt but also the trapped man’s wrist. After seeing this by the light of my Defender, they were able to cut him out safely just as the ambulance arrived.

Three weeks later, the then-trapped gentleman returned to the mill to say hello and heard about what had almost happened to him. He came up and personally thanked me and asked me where I got the flashlight that helped free him. I gave him my Defender, the one that saved his wrist and kept him from potentially bleeding out, and he gave me a big hug. The one funny thing about this whole incident is that, earlier that fateful night, several of my coworkers made comments about how my Defender wasn't worth the money and such a small flashlight couldn’t be that powerful. Well, within a month, almost every last one of those guys had some model of SureFire flashlight in his pocket.

Thank you, SureFire.

Anthony E.
Snohomish, WA

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