I produce and shoot outdoor television shows for a living. A few months back, I was filming a fishing show in the Florida Everglades. Because of the terrain and remote location, we headed out on airboats. At the end of the day, we began to head back in when my airboat started to have engine problems and we got separated from the other boat. There was no cell phone service and no radio contact with the other boat. As night began to fall, my boat driver realized that his spotlight was not charged and we had no light on the boat. I never leave home without my trusty backpack and, of course, my SureFire 6P® LED [superseded by the 6PX Tactical--Ed.]. My SureFire lit up the Everglades and illuminated the way for us to idle the airboat 20 miles back to the launch site.

Ray C.
Orlando, FL

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