Around 0100 hours, I rode with my partner to the scene where a burglary had been committed. We arrived at the scene, and the suspect had already fled on foot and was heading down another street. As a deputy arrived on scene to back us up, dispatch advised us that another homeowner had located the suspect. We got back in our patrol car and sped to the street that he was on.

I dismounted from the patrol car and bolted down the alley where the homeowner had last seen the suspect. My other-brand flashlight was already dying on me. I heard the suspect jump into a pile of leaves. I drew my handgun with my Surefire X300® Ultra, which lit up the alley with 500 lumens of pure awesomeness, and I gave the suspect orders to comply. The suspect immediately rolled out of the leaves and onto his belly. After my partner arrived to cover me, I placed the suspect under arrest. The first words out of his mouth were, "All I could see was light... I knew I couldn't escape." The victim told me that she could sleep peacefully, knowing that the perpetrator had been captured.

I truly believe your lights are a force multiplier, and I will continue to be a repeat SureFire customer. SureFire products have served me faithfully through two tours in Iraq, and they continue to serve me as a public servant. Thank you, SureFire!

Nathan M.
Joplin, MO

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