I joined the Royal Thai Army Reserve Force (ARFS) and had just come back from the annual field exercise as a student platoon leader of 55 men. During the second night of the exercise, we were performing night combat and explosives tactics. During the session, I noticed that one of my teammates had fainted.

I pulled out my G2X Pro from my pocket and lit up its low-output mode in the total darkness. The guy had signs of hyperventilation, so we gave him first aid by taking off some of his clothes and giving him some water. One of my men and I carried him to the standby ambulance, and I used my G2X to light up the path. With its 200 lumens of bright light, I could easily spot the ambulance parked 400 meters away. As we marched back to our rest area, an instructor summoned me and asked to take a look at my flashlight. It was the brightest one he had ever seen, and he was surprised by its small size.

Thank you, SureFire. My mate was able to return to the training due to the immediate medical attention he received because your product made it so much easier to get him to the ambulance.

Prert S.
Kratumban, Thailand

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