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I was working nights in southern Texas, hidden in dense brush and trees near a well-used smuggling route. My partner was hidden about 150 yards away, across a field. We intended to ambush a group of smugglers we were expecting to take the path that night, and had backup waiting in vehicles nearby.

Around 00:30, I heard quiet rustling in the brush a several yards in front of me. I had seen a mountain lion not far from there the previous night, so I immediately drew my pistol and SureFire R1 Lawman flashlight, but I did not turn it on, as I didn't want to compromise my position and there was a small amount of moonlight to see by. After a few minutes of quiet searching, without seeing anything, I decided the rustling must have been a possum or some other small animal, so I put my pistol back but kept my SureFire handy. A couple of minutes later, I heard the same quiet rustling, but from behind me this time. I drew my pistol as I turned, and not twenty feet away crouched the mountain lion I had seen the previous night. It had been slowly circling and creeping up on me in the dense brush, and now there was nothing between us but a bit of shrubbery! As I drew a bead on its head, I gave it a blinding momentary flash of the 750-lumen fury from my Lawman. The cat froze for an instant, then turned tail and bounded into the foliage.

If I hadn't had my SureFire handy, I could have been killed had that lion jumped and I missed my shot. Or, if I’d shot and hit it, my position would have been blown, the entire operation would have been scrubbed, and my team and I would have spent the rest of the night at the station doing paperwork. Thanks to the brightness of my SureFire Lawman, and its momentary-on feature, I was able to avert a potential cougar attack without firing a shot, compromising my position, or even making a sound.

Alex O.
McAllen, TX

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One night, at approximately 0230 hours, I was on the way home from my patrol shift when I observed a bicyclist lose control of his bicycle while going downhill at a high rate of speed. He fell off, hit the pavement head first, and laid there motionless. Due to the time of day and poor lighting, it was hard to see the extent of his injuries while on the phone with 911, so I retrieved the SureFire R1 Lawman from my gear bag and was able to tell the dispatcher that the bicyclist was bleeding from the head and mouth. More importantly, I was able to warn oncoming traffic by strobing the light at them. Even then a vehicle came within 50 feet of running over the downed bicyclist but swerved out of the way just in time.

The bicyclist was still unconscious by the time police and fire arrived, and I was able to assist by illuminating the area while paramedics assessed his injuries and loaded him onto a spine board to transport to a local hospital. I firmly believe that, had it not been for the 750-lumen max output of that SureFire R1 Lawman, the vehicle that came so close to running over the downed bicyclist over would have done just that. Thanks for making such excellent products.

Randy C.
San Dimas, CA

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