I am an EMT-Firefighter for a small rural fire department. Early one spring morning, around 1:00 am, we got paged for a vehicle crash in our desert ambulance service area. The day before, it had been raining all day, and it was still coming down in waves throughout the night. Our dispatcher had minimal information from the patient, due to the patient being disoriented from the crash. We had multiple sheriff’s officers and two BLM officers in our 4x4 ambulances and command vehicles, all with different lighting sources, searching for the patient’s vehicle.

After what seemed like forever, I remembered I had my P3X Fury® with me and I shined it out the window of our ambulance. Within about ten minutes, I had located the vehicle by the reflection of the license plate and marker lights in a ravine about 500 yards away. When we got to them, I put my Fury under a bag on the hood and it illuminated the entire scene for our extrication. Every LEO on that call was blown away by my light, and I'm sure a few of them went out to buy one shortly thereafter. We were able to safely locate our two patients and extricate them (one of which had three aortic tears and a pneumonia thorax) thanks to my light.

I never leave without my SureFire light on my side. Thank you, SureFire.

Steven B.
Grand Junction, Colorado

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