I am a mounted patrol sergeant with a large metropolitan police department in Texas. One night, a disturbance broke out on a corner of the block I was patrolling. As I rode my horse over to the disturbance, one of the suspects took off running. The other person involved in the disturbance informed me that the suspect had a gun. I began chasing after the suspect on my horse, and the suspect proceeded to a dark area on the street where his vehicle was parked—he was trying to get into the passenger door. As I got closer to the suspect, the suspect had opened his passenger door and was reaching toward his glove compartment. I was still about 20 feet away from the suspect, but I shined my P2ZX Fury CombatLight® on him and could clearly see a gun in the glove compartment. I drew my duty weapon and ordered the suspect away from the vehicle. When the suspect turned and observed me with my weapon pointing at him, he moved away from the vehicle and I was able to take him into custody without incident.

Had it not been for my SureFire P2ZX Fury’s powerfully bright light, I’m certain I would not have been able to see the gun in the glove box. Things may have turned out completely different for me or the suspect. I credit my SureFire for the safe and successful apprehension of this person. Thank you for making great products and for supporting law enforcement professionals like me.

Jeff R.
Magnolia, TX

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