My family owns a coffee estate up in the mountains of El Salvador, Central America. The situation of the country is not so good, so we need to protect ourselves in some way. I am a flashlight addict and recently bought a G2ZX CombatLight® from SureFire, along with an FM34 diffuser. We were driving up to the plantation after dark, around 6:00 p.m., in March. It was the rainy season, which means we get fog almost every day. As we went off-road, the fog started to close in. Suddenly, my father slammed on the brakes and we squealed to a stop, only inches from a big cedar trunk blocking the roadway. The rain hadn't been hard enough to start producing landslides yet such a trunk in the middle of the road made us suspicious.

I wrapped my G2ZX around my hand and un-holstered my .40 caliber S&W, just in case. As we backed up, two shadows appeared on the right side of the car. I directed my G2ZX in their direction, and the 200-lumen beam managed to punch through the thick fog and light up the face of an individual whose intentions did not appear to be friendly. The guy took off running, and so did his partner, fleeing into thick mountain shrubs. Thanks to the G2ZX's piercing beam, the situation didn't escalate and it wasn't necessary to resort to lethal force. Thank you for a great product, SureFire.

Rodrigo C.
San Salvador, El Salvador

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