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Back In 2005, I purchased my first SureFire flashlight, a G2® Nitrolon®, for hunting. In 2006, I enlisted in the Marine Corps as an Infantryman and took my SureFire with me. It lasted all of my training and through two combat deployments to Iraq. I've dropped it, run it over, smashed it, and pretty much anything else you can think of, and it still performed amazingly. I left active duty in 2010, and still use the same SureFire flashlight that I bought back in 2005. You guys make amazing products, and I will continue to buy them. Semper Fi!

Clinton Y. Milford, NE

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I’ve been a delivery driver for 11 years. When it gets dark, it is really hard to find addresses, so it’s crucial to have a good flashlight. I bought my first SureFire about eight years ago, the G2® Nitrolon®, a great entry-level SureFire. About two years ago, I upgraded to an E2D LED Defender®, which I absolutely love.

This past holiday season, I had a delivery helper ride with me, and I would pick him up at 5:30 every night. I brought along my G2 for him to use, and he was amazed at the quality of the flashlight. He rode with me for several weeks, and he mentioned several times that he would like to buy a G2 of his own. The last night he rode with me, when we finished up he handed me back my G2 and said, “Here you go; I’m turning in my SureFire.” I took it, looked it over one last time, and handed it back to him, telling him it was now his. The look on his face was worth giving it up. He was a good help to me, and he definitely earned it!

Ashley M.
Greenwood, AR

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          G2   E2DLU-A

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It was 3:30 in the morning when I had a particularly scary encounter. I was delivering newspapers, and I always carry my SureFire G2® Nitrolon® flashlight with me, usually to spot house numbers, but also as a deterrent to would-be attackers. On this particular morning, I wasn’t anticipating any trouble, but as I dropped off a paper at a porch, I heard screams and a door slam at the house next door. It didn't take long for me to realize that a woman was being beaten.

I immediately called the police as I ran over to the house. I remember seeing the young lady try to run out of the house but getting pulled back inside by a male who was obviously larger and stronger than she was. The screen door was open, and it was obvious the young lady was taking quite a beating. The man raised his bottle, possibly to hit her, and I instinctively yelled out and hit him with my flashlight beam, momentarily blinding and disorienting him. He backed off, and the woman was taken to the hospital when the cops and an ambulance arrived.

I am very thankful to have had my flashlight with me that night; otherwise I don't know how I would have gotten that physical abuser’s attention and hindered him from further abusing the young lady. She was hurt bad, and it is very possible that, in his drunken state, he could have killed her. Many thanks to SureFire for making such a great product that is both reliable and resilient under the gun.

Steven B.
Chesterton, IN

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My first encounter with SureFire flashlights occurred back in 2004, in Afghanistan. We arrived in country and part of our rapid fielding issue was our weapon-mounted SureFire lights. I cannot tell you how many times I used mine, from clearing caves to finding the latrines, I literally lived with it every day, and my life depended on it.

When I returned home I purchased multiple SureFires and stashed them everywhere. During the flooding of the Mississippi in 2008, I again relied on my SureFire flashlights. I was working with a volunteer firefighter, plugging holes in a levee while using SCUBA gear. The water was so dirty I could barely see, so I rigged two SureFire G2s in Ziplock bags to my face mask and continued to place sandbags underwater.

I’ve since returned to the military and use a variety of SureFire flashlights still. Just today I was wearing my Minimus headlamp as I was out into Hurricane Sandy. A SureFire is always with me, in my truck, on my adventure bike, in my backpack, stashed at home, and mounted to my weapons. I cannot envision a piece of equipment that I’ve ever owned that has had a more profound impact on my life.

Adam H.
Winfield, MO

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          G2   HS2-A-BK

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It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, and my wife and I were finishing up watching football on TV. I started to watch a movie, and she went to the bedroom to lie down for a while. About 15 minutes later, I noticed that the paint on the walls of my apartment was bubbling, and before I could even get up to investigate, fire suddenly bolted out from the wall and then down from the ceiling.

I ran and grabbed my wife to get her out. Once safely in the parking lot, we realized that the roof above our unit and the apartment below us were engulfed in flames—and that our puppy, the newest member of our family, was crying out, still locked in his cage. I couldn’t just leave him behind, so I ran back in and kicked the door open. Black smoke rushed out. I grabbed the pair of SureFire G2 flashlights I’d earlier set on the coffee table and, after turning them both on, used one to prop the door open and the other to search for the dog.

I grabbed him and a few other important things and tried to leave, but the smoke got even more intense. With my adrenaline pumping and all of the smoke and heat, I lost my way. That’s when I saw the bright light of the G2 holding the door open. I went toward it, almost tripping on collapsed roof supports several times, but I literally ran toward the light and out the apartment.

Everyone survived, including our pup, and two days later I went back into the apartment to collect the things that weren’t destroyed. There wasn’t much, but one of the things that did survive was the G2 I stuck under the door to keep it open. The tailcap and bezel were melted, but, sure enough, the light still worked after popping a new set of batteries in it.

We've since moved to a new home, and in EVERY room there is at least one SureFire. Most are LEDs, except for the two original G2s, which remind me every day how they helped me and our puppy get out safely.

Andrew A.
Dallas, TX

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On a Friday night, we responded to a motor vehicle accident with person pinned. On scene, we had two patients who were already being treated. The second vehicle was nowhere in sight, and law enforcement had assumed it was a hit and run. Upon further investigation, we found the second vehicle under a tree, the limbs covering the vehicle, hiding it from plain view. As we started patient care, I crawled into the back seat to assist with patient care. One of the EMTs handed me their bulky Maglite and told me to hold it. I took it and promptly laid it down in the seat and reached up and switched on my SureFire G2®, with a KX4 LED conversion head that I had mounted on my helmet. It nearly blinded the techs as we packaged the patient for transport. While en route to the hospital, both EMT techs asked where they could purchase a light like mine. A month later, an email came out to everyone, recommending the purchase of G2 LEDs. I own many flashlights, but nothing compares to the quality of my SureFires.

Sean B.
Wichita, KS

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            G2   KX4

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Back in the day, when I was a young recruit, in the early 90s, we were issued one of your competitor's battery-operated 3-D-cell flashlights. Needless to say, it was not that bright. I went and bought my first SureFire 6R (now obsolete), based on what I'd read and a recommendation from the retail store. It was compact, produced a flawless, bright beam, and was the talk amongst other police officers, many of whom went out and bought their own. As a member of the K9 unit, I proposed a fulltime tactical light for our issued pistol. Needless to say, the SureFire X200® [superseded by the X300®--Ed.]) beat out all competitors and is now the standard light for our K9 unit, ERT, marine, and mounted units. In addition, our department was looking for a new standard-issue light that had to be battery powered for earthquake preparedness. Not only did the light have to be bright and flawless, but our managers demanded high customer service. Our relationship with SureFire from our X200 purchases took care of that. As a result, the G2® was selected as the standard-issue light for the 1,400 members of the Vancouver Police Department.

Sgt. Ray W. - Vancouver PD
Vancouver, B.C.

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          X300 Ultra   G2

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