My son and I were driving through Badger Pass, on our way home in a severe blizzard with white-out conditions. On the way down the pass, I could not stop in time for a curve, due to ice on the road, and skidded into the embankment, out of sight from the road. Calling for help on my cell phone, I was told that all search efforts would not take place until the storm subsided enough for there to be enough visibility to find me; I was told to stay put.

Forty-eight hours later, I heard a snowmobile search party nearby, but with the doors frozen shut and a couple of hundred pounds of snow on the car, I could not get out of the car. My son reminded me that I had my SureFire Pen in the glove compartment, so I used its glass-breaker tailcap to break the tempered glass window of the door. It shattered with very little effort—thank goodness, because I was very weak and scared. We were able to dig our way out, and we both survived the near-death experience. Now I always carry my SureFire pen with me.

Thank you, SurFire. Never stop making and improving your outstanding tactical equipment.

Chris S.
Selma, CA

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