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I am a soldier and was deployed to an undisclosed internment facility in an undisclosed Middle-Eastern country. Among my duties was the accountability of detainees at this facility. We used handheld military radios, and I was given an aftermarket earpiece to use with the radio so I would be able to hear the audio but, for obvious reasons, the detainees could not. The earpiece I was given was very uncomfortable. Our shifts were 12 hours long, which made it very unpleasant to have this particular earpiece in my ear for so long. I picked up a pair of filtered SureFire Sonic Defenders® earplugs at my PX after learning they could also be used as radio earpieces simply by removing the noise-reducing filter. I removed the uncomfortable earpiece from my radio system and attached the filter-less SureFire earpiece. It fit great, both on my radio’s connector tube and inside my ear. The new SureFire earpiece made it so much more comfortable to wear for long periods of time, helping to ensure my safety and the safety of those around me.

I'm not sure many folks know filtered Sonic Defenders can be used this way, so I wanted to tell you about my experience and thank you for making such great products. Along with my SureFire earpiece, I also carried a SureFire T1A Titan® in my right pocket every shift, which I put to use frequently. Thanks again, SureFire.

Tamara B.
Dallas, TX

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I live in Dominican Republic, and, due to social problems, we tend to have lots of struggles and street fighting against the government. One day I was at a friend’s house when, suddenly, we heard gunfire. We looked out the window to see the police firing against a big riot crowd on the streets. In that moment, I took cover and covered my ears, but after a couple of minutes the riot got closer and my ears started to hurt. I remembered that I had my EP4 Sonic Defenders earplugs from a concert the day before (I work as a sound assistant and need hearing protection), so I reached into my pockets, pulled out my EP4s, and put them in.

A couple of minutes later, the riot came into the house. We tried to get out, but the police were shooting, so we just took cover. The police then proceeded to throw a flash-bang grenade through the window and—BOOM! Luckily, I had my EP4s in my ears and, as the police came in, asking questions to all the other now-deaf people, I was able to hear and explain what had happened and to assist them in identifying the riot members. If I hadn't had my EP4s in, I probably would’ve wound up in jail, or even much worse.

Jean R.
Santiago, Chile

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