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As a young graduate of USMC boot camp, I was off to Iraq for my first deployment, back in 2006. Days before leaving U.S. soil, my father presented me with E2D Defender®. [Editor's Note: E2D has since been discontinued and replaced by the E2D LED Defender Ultra] This light immediately became a vital part of my everyday life. From performing fives and twenty-fives to building searches, even disorienting subjects, this small and powerful light has never failed me. It has endured 21 months in combat zones at extreme desert temperatures, numerous camping and hunting trips well below zero degrees, personal home searches, and more abuse than any flashlight should ever see. Nearly a decade later, as I embark on my next mission in life as a police officer, I can gladly say that my SureFire will continue to be my primary source of illumination. Should the day come when it is retired, it will be hung on the wall and a new and improved SureFire will take its place.

Thank you for an amazing product. I would also like to say that SureFire customer service is outstanding—as I’m sure it is—but I've never actually needed any service for the product. Here's to another bright decade!

Joseph S.
Arvada, CO

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I’ve been a delivery driver for 11 years. When it gets dark, it is really hard to find addresses, so it’s crucial to have a good flashlight. I bought my first SureFire about eight years ago, the G2® Nitrolon®, a great entry-level SureFire. About two years ago, I upgraded to an E2D LED Defender®, which I absolutely love.

This past holiday season, I had a delivery helper ride with me, and I would pick him up at 5:30 every night. I brought along my G2 for him to use, and he was amazed at the quality of the flashlight. He rode with me for several weeks, and he mentioned several times that he would like to buy a G2 of his own. The last night he rode with me, when we finished up he handed me back my G2 and said, “Here you go; I’m turning in my SureFire.” I took it, looked it over one last time, and handed it back to him, telling him it was now his. The look on his face was worth giving it up. He was a good help to me, and he definitely earned it!

Ashley M.
Greenwood, AR

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I loaded up my dog, fishing rod, SureFire E2D LED Defender® Ultra flashlight and, about an hour before twilight, headed to a local pond to catch some baby Tarpon. I let my dog, Kaya, run around the shore while I jumped a couple of 10- to 20-pound Tarpons. It was soon twilight, and it dawned on me that I hadn’t seen my dog for a while, so I started calling for her. I walked into the bushes and listened, and then I heard all hell breaking loose—Kaya was barking and fighting with something in the brush.

Kaya is a hog-hunting dog, but she didn't have on her protective Kevlar vest or cut collar. I heard her yelp and the deep grunting of a big wild boar. I made my way to the noise quickly, and when I got there, on my knees and holding my SureFire Defender, Kaya had a 250 lb. hog, with huge 3 ½” cutters (tusks), caught by the ear. As soon as the hog saw me, it turned and charged me, dog still on it. I was on all fours, and all I could do was wait for the last possible second before swinging at the charging boar with my Defender. I hit that hog as hard as I could with the crenellated Strike Bezel®, right in the ear, and God as my witness, it flopped over onto its side. It was knocked out cold, so I whacked it a couple more times for good measure and tied its feet up with my boot laces.

I sat there, sweat streaming from my pores and shaking uncontrollably from the adrenaline rush, and it sunk in that, if it hadn’t been for my SureFire flashlight, best case scenario, I would’ve been headed for the hospital with some very nasty cuts. Worst case scenario, I would’ve bled out there in the brush. I rushed Kaya to the closest emergency vet and—42 stitches and $1,500 later—she was stable and going to be okay. The charging boar is currently at my buddy’s taxidermy shop, where I’m having him mounted with my trusty E2D LED Defender Ultra inside of his mouth, sideways, with him biting down on it. Thank you, SureFire, for making an AWESOME little flashlight that saved both me and my dog!

Shannon H.
Englewood, FL

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I am a Chinese cop and K-9 handler and also a loyal user of SureFire products. Because of the needs of my job, I always carry one or two flashlights, and they must be SureFires! While I own several models, my favorite is the E2DL Defender® Ultra.

In February of this year, I was ordered to arrest a murderer. He had killed one person with a self-made musket and fled into the mountains. That night, I took my K-9 and two other officers and we hid in a deserted house and waited for the murder suspect to return. When he arrived, I released the dog to bite him and shined my Defender flashlight at him with its strong 500-lumen beam. I rushed him, but he turned and shot me to the ground. The other officers immediately took cover and began shooting at him, but they missed. My dog saw me fall and ran to me, and when my fellow officers came to help me, the murderer fled. I told them to go after the suspect and leave me to fend for myself, and they did.

I felt severe abdominal pain and was thirsty, so I climbed up to a hidden room, but I dropped my E2DL and it fell outside. So I ordered my dog to fetch my flashlight, which he did, and I used its low setting to illuminate the wound—the bullet had penetrated my body armor and was lodged in my abdomen. I used the E2DL for illuminating ht first-aid kit to find some gauze, then to find my radio and call backup to come and support me. When help arrived, I used the high-output, 500-lumen beam to show them where I was, and they soon found me, administered first aid, and got me to a hospital in time to survive.

Thank you, SureFire!

Li J.
Heng Yang, Hu Nan Province, China

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It was about 2:00 a.m. when our lab mama, Piper, seemed done with whelping her seven beautiful new pups—five males and two females. I palpated her tummy and felt one more pup left and told my wife to keep an eye on her while I went to get batteries for my camera. But, as soon as I left, Piper jumped up and went to the door. My wife let her out to go do her business…without escorting her. Big mistake.

When I returned to find our girl just coming back into the house, I palpated her again and realized she'd dropped the last pup outside somewhere. It was windy and cold, and I had very little time to find our missing pup, so I grabbed my trusty SureFire Defender® and ran out to the side yard. It was dark, and the abundance of tall shrubs and plants made for a search-and-rescue nightmare situation. I'd brought Piper with me, hoping she would take me to the pup, but she was freaked out and wanted only to attend to the other pups inside, so I was on my own…and more than a little panicky.

The Defender cut through the gloom, and I caught a flash of eyes through the fence—it was a coyote staring at me and no doubt looking for the same pup I was! I bee-lined straight to where the coyote was, thinking his nose knew better than I did where this pup was. The bright light revealed what looked to be a drop of blood and, Bingo, tucked away under a huge clump of daylilies was my missing pup. He was alive but fading fast. I got him inside stat, and we warmed him with a heated blanket. Then his mama took over, and he was nursing within a few minutes. Phew!

We kept that last little male, the runt of the litter, and Puck is sitting at my feet as I write this testimonial to the best flashlights on the planet. Oh, and he ended up being the biggest and smartest of the whole litter after his very dramatic start in life. Thanks, SureFire.

Randall B.
Vista, CA

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While attending college last year, I was forced to take night classes, leaving me to walk home every night through a few blocks of “questionable” neighborhoods in the dark. The campus being a “gun-free zone,” I couldn't carry my handgun equipped with a SureFire X300® Ultra, so I did some research and opted for a new SureFire E2D LED Ultra Defender® because of the aggressive Strike Bezel® it offers for self defense.

One night, while walking back from class to my apartment, I passed a gas station and noticed that two male subjects had begun to follow me. They followed me for two blocks until they were only a few steps behind me. I moved to the edge of the sidewalk to allow them to pass, but when I did, the leader of the two turned to me, drew a knife, and said, “Give me your phone and wallet.” I made like I was reaching for my wallet but instead grabbed my E2DLU and blasted them both in the eyes with 500 lumens of pure white awesomeness. The leader clearly stunned by the light, I proceeded to smash him across the bridge of his nose with the Strike Bezel before following up by hitting his stunned partner in the jaw with the same crenellated bezel. I took off running down the block, and after sprinting about three blocks, I glanced back and confirmed that the would-be robbers were not following me.

I owe my phone and wallet and possibly even my life to my SureFire flashlight. I never leave home without it, and always advise friends and family to do the same. Thank you, SureFire!

Saul K.
Virginia Beach, VA

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After a short vehicle pursuit, we pursued four offenders into a house, and while we quickly secured the first three, the fourth seemed to have eluded us. Two of my team searched the rear yard with their standard-issue flashlights and cleared the yard. I was convinced he had not left the property, so I searched the backyard with my E2D LED Defender® Ultra.

The backyard was the usual overgrown jungle, with thick bushes around the fence line. As I searched the bushes with my flashlight's 500 lumens piercing even the thickest foliage, I was able pick out his legs among the shadows, where he had worked himself between the fence and the thick bushes. We were able to disarm him of his knife and arrest him, a fugitive we had been after for two weeks. We were also able to recover valuable stolen property that he'd concealed with him.

Without my Defender, he would have sat out our search, not been arrested that night, and continued his meth-fueled crime spree, creating more and more victims in the process. Thanks, SureFire.

Gavin M.
Anglesea, Victoria, Austrailia

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My SureFire Defender® helped save a man at the sawmill I work at. A 37-year-old man got caught in a machine and got his hand and part of his arm rolled up in a sawdust tail drum. The foremen had cheap, weak flashlights—the kind powered by two D-cell batteries—which three of them were using to illuminate the scene while another foreman tried to cut the trapped man free by cutting the belt. I grabbed my SureFire Defender from my pocket and clicked it on to instantly reveal that the foreman was not just cutting the belt but also the trapped man’s wrist. After seeing this by the light of my Defender, they were able to cut him out safely just as the ambulance arrived.

Three weeks later, the then-trapped gentleman returned to the mill to say hello and heard about what had almost happened to him. He came up and personally thanked me and asked me where I got the flashlight that helped free him. I gave him my Defender, the one that saved his wrist and kept him from potentially bleeding out, and he gave me a big hug. The one funny thing about this whole incident is that, earlier that fateful night, several of my coworkers made comments about how my Defender wasn't worth the money and such a small flashlight couldn’t be that powerful. Well, within a month, almost every last one of those guys had some model of SureFire flashlight in his pocket.

Thank you, SureFire.

Anthony E.
Snohomish, WA

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