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I run a police dog in Western Australia, where the crooks will run the skin off bone to escape capture. On a night shift in February of 2015, I responded to an “offender on foot” incident. The offender had led police on a long pursuit before abandoning the vehicle and running off into some heavily wooded forest.

I arrived and rigged up the dog. We crossed over an old railway fence before the dog picked up a scent and took off with two local police officers in tow. About 100 yards into the track, my duty torch failed, leaving me and my dog stranded in the dark. I called back to the other officers, “My torch is toast!” One of them then made his way up to me while keeping his distance from the dog. Something bounced off of my chest and landed at my feet—it was a 2211® WristLight. I had no idea what it was, but I saw the strap and instinctively went to put it on my head, thinking it was a headlamp. “No, put it on your wrist,” the other officer said. So I quickly strapped on the light and hit the “on” switch. The strong burst of light from such a small piece of equipment was incredible and nearly knocked me off my feet as I unintentionally looked directly at the beam. In fact, it took a few moments to get my dark-adapted vision back again.

The hands-free capability of that WristLight allowed me to manage the tracking line a lot easier as we pushed on through some thick undergrowth. Another 50 yards, and the dog indicated by barking at a male offender trying to conceal himself behind a log. The offender sprung into life and attempted to run, but not before receiving a burst of light across his eyes from the 2211 WristLight I was wearing. I was just about to release the dog when the offender, in his disoriented state, ran face first into a tree, knocking himself clean out. I told him, “I know how you feel,” as the boys recovered him and put him in handcuffs.

This was my first SureFire experience, particularly with the 2211 WristLight. Awesome bit of kit, guys. I was sorry that I eventually had to hand it back to its owner!

Kyne S.
Perth, Australia

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Although I have many SureFire lights, my new favorite is the 2211® and 2211® Luminox®. Yes, I have both. One evening I was leaving work out the backdoor and into the well-lit alley where our team members park. I spotted a young male walking from the north, wearing a backpack and his hands in his jacket pockets at my 10 o'clock. He yelled, “excuse me!” and smiled at me. I smiled back and told him I was late and needed to get home, then turned to my 2 o’clock and continued to remotely unlock my truck. The next eight seconds then seemed like an eternity.

I heard running footsteps coming toward me, and my brain went into full red-alert mode. This can’t be happening, I thought as the guy ran at me from behind. My right hand went for my 2211’s activation switch, and I spun around and aimed my left hand directly at the guy’s face. He made a weird noise and then both of his hands went up to block his eyes. In the meantime, my right hand was now on my TASER C2. Seeing he was about to be “tased,” the guy yelled, “My mistake. … Sorry.” He then sidestepped, with his hands still up, and scurried off to the south. I continued to scan the area, while keeping him fully illuminated with my 2211’s broad beam.

I firmly believe that the sudden blast of light from my 2211 created a temporary barrier and gave me a split-second tactical advantage that allowed me to regain control of a potentially very bad situation. Thank you, SureFire, for the continual improvement of your industry. Your 2211 WristLights fill a big void between the weapon light, personal light, and headlamps. They combine the hands-free versatility of a headlamp, the power of a personal light, and they can instantly serve as a WeaponLight!

Kurt T.
Denver, CO

PS: Here are a couple of non-tactical activities I use my 2211 WristLights for: illuminating the road while riding my bike at night and even something as mundane as seeing under the bed when I’m vacuuming. Owning both a 2211 and a 2211 Luminox, I wear the 2211 while sleeping and, when I want to wear a regular watch on my left hand, I wear the 2211 Luminox. One charges while the other is on duty. Thanks again for making superior lighting products.

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My SureFire 2211® WristLight has been a blessing in so many ways. Always being strapped to my wrist, it’s able to help me spot suspicious people lurking in the neighborhood at night, find my keys that I dropped in the yard one night, work on the car, see hidden animals that had the dogs spooked—it even saved my wrist and arm from injury, when I fell one night, from my vertigo, and stepped off of the edge of the sidewalk. I somehow did a flip of sorts, and the WristLight took most of the impact instead of my wrist. And despite getting hit hard enough to knock a couple small chunks out of it, the WristLight just keeps on working.

I am very thankful for such a good product. I wish this had been around when I was working security jobs. I highly recommend this for anyone who needs a good, variable-output light you can keep with you 24/7. With the 15- to 200-lumen output range, it is surprising how much light it puts out in a flawless beam pattern.

Jeff K.
Greensboro, NC

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