As a member of the fulltime SWAT team, I was recently dispatched to a hostage barricade situation where shots had been fired. I am a member of the counter-sniper team, and my partner and I were deployed to cover the front of the residence. Upon reaching our observation point, I detected movement to the left of our position. I let my partner know, and I continued to cover that direction with my M4 assault rifle outfitted with a SureFire M900 WeaponLight. I then saw the suspect, who was wondering the perimeter of the house, looking for law enforcement officers. On command, both my partner and I lit up the suspect with our M900 lights and verbally commanded him to surrender. The suspect immediately dropped to the ground and yelled, "Don't shoot me, I give up!" We took the suspect into custody without further incident. Upon debriefing, the suspect stated that, due to the blinding lights, he thought he was surrounded by a much larger group than two people. I would like to personally thank Surefire for making such a great products and for making my job that much safer

Trent L.
Jessup, MD

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