Back in 2004, my unit was deployed to Iraq. During the deployment, one of the trucks from our headquarters company was hit by an IED. After the explosion, the insurgents who laid the IED ambushed the truck and managed to get away with a few weapons

In 2006, my unit deployed again to the same area of Iraq, and while on this deployment, men from one of our companies got into a firefight with at least 10 insurgents. After the firefight was over, one of the dispatched insurgents was carrying an M4 belonging to our unit from the '04 deployment that was thought to have been destroyed. This rifle had a SureFire WeaponLight and a homemade wooden stock glued to the stock tube. This light survived an IED attack and still worked unfortunately, in the hands of the enemy. I wouldn't trust my life with any WeaponLight other than a SureFire. I have seen these blown up, shot, dropped, and burned, and they still work, just like you guys say they will.

Nathan R.
Wilmington, NC

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