I'm an inspector and compliance consultant in the housing industry, so I'm often called upon to accompany government subcontract inspectors when they inspect my clients' properties. I can't tell you how many times one of these guys has squinted into the darkness with his crummy flashlight in hand and said he was going to cite my client for a violation he "thinks" he sees. That's when one of my SureFires helps me earn my pay. I always keep an E1L Outdoorsman on a lanyard around my neck and a U2 Ultra in my hip pocket. I remove my E1L from its lanyard, hand it to the guy, and tell him he'd better show me a clear violation before he writes one up. It often turns out that, when the inspector sees things in "a better light," he discovers he is wrong. That's because my I've already inspected the area before him, using my SureFires, and already made any repairs that were needed.

Michael G.
Monkton, MD

See the U2 and E1L flashlights:
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