Every time I walk out the door, I carry a few essential items, one of them being my SureFire 6P® LED [superseded by the6PX Tactical--Ed.]. On the way to the movies, my buddy and I almost hit a deer lying in the middle of the road. It had evidently been hit by a car and couldn't get up. We pulled over and investigated. The deer was still alive, but if another driver wasn't wary, there could easily be an accident. I pulled out my SureFire and put on a reflective vest that I had in the car. I turned on my light, and its beam cut through the night like a knife through butter. While my friend stood by the deer and tried to get it moving, I flagged down passing motorists with my SureFire and warned them of the danger ahead. One motorist even commented that my flashlight looked like a light saber. After about five minutes, the deer found enough strength to get up and run into the woods. My friend and I left, happy for the deer, for the fact we'd helped prevent an accident, and especially happy with the way my SureFire 6P performed. I'll never buy another brand of flashlight.

Jeffrey P.
Fredericksburg, VA

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