Early in the morning on July 30, 2011, my partner and I responded to a gang fight and apprehended a couple of suspects after a foot pursuit. After escorting them to our cruiser, we were walking across the street when I turned to see a car coming straight at us, the driver asleep at the wheel. I grabbed my partner and began dragging him with me while sprinting for the sidewalk. Another officer yelled, "Watch out!" just as I was struck in my right side (my gun side) by the car, travelling around 50 miles per. My partner was struck by our own cruiser, which was T-boned by the motorist and spun 180 degrees, hitting him like a baseball bat. Three of the four of us on scene were transported for injuries, and my partner and I sustained severe injuries.

I was able to make a full recovery after six months, but I had to learn to walk, run, jump, and stand again. Prior to returning to duty, I inspected all my duty gear, starting with my weapon and holster. It looked like a very big dog used both as a chew toy. The weapon was scratched up, and my SureFire X300® [since replaced by the X300® Ultra] was intact, just missing three screws that had been knocked completely out by the car’s impact. I then inspected my Z2 [since replaced by the Z2X CombatLight® flashlight], which had a cracked lens but was otherwise still working.

I am very impressed and satisfied with SureFire. There is not another product I would use on duty. Thanks, SureFire. You guys continue to make the best! To be used by the best—both here at home and overseas!

Francisco R.
Palmdale, CA

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