While on a trip, I purchased a SureFire 6P® LED Defender® [superseded by the 6PX Defender®. While I was driving home, I remember thinking to myself how much grief my wife gave me after purchasing my SureFire E2L Outdoorsman a few years back, and how I could probably expect the same with this purchase. I was returning home from that trip, and it was late when I pulled into a rest stop. As I parked my truck, I noticed that the only vehicle was a small truck parked about 75 yards away. As I exited my truck, I dropped my Glock into my coat pocket and I carried my 6PD in my hand and headed for the restroom. While returning to my vehicle I saw a man peering into my truck window and pulling on the locked door handle. Just then, another man stepped out of the shadows about eight feet away, walked right into my space, and asked me for gas money loud enough for his partner to hear. I pushed him out of my space while raising my 6PD above my shoulder, but he came right back at me, grabbing me by the coat. I activated the light in his eyes, but that did not stop him until I struck him in the forehead with a short sharp strike of the crenellated bezel. When I brought the 6PD back into position, I could see the strike bezel's pattern on his forehead; then blood starting to roll down his face, and the fight was over for him.

He released me and ran off in the direction he came from. As I brought my attention back to his partner, who was now about 20 feet away and moving towards me fast, I instantly grabbed the 6PD with my left hand and pulled my Glock out of my pocket, holding it at my side in his sight. He turned and ran off in the same direction as his partner. They both jumped into their small truck and, after a minute or two of trying to start the engine, they took off in a hurry down the Interstate. After collecting myself, I called the police with my cell phone to report the incident. When the officer asked me to describe them, I gave him the usual description. When they asked about distinguishing marks, I couldn't keep from laughing. Thanks, SureFire.

Andrew B.
Chadron, NE

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