Locksmithing has been in my family since 1948. I have been driving a service vehicle since I was 15, and I’ve seen my fair share of craziness. One night, my trainee and I were responding to a break-in call from a realtor at a vacant house that wasn’t in a good area. I placed my pistol in my waistband as we approached the house, and, sure enough, the backdoor had been kicked in and was open. I shined my SureFire Defender® flashlight at the damaged door and started my training “speech” for my trainee, but his eyes were locked on something inside. I glanced up to see what he was looking at only to see a guy inside, holding a pistol—the guy who’d kicked in the door and broken in! Without hesitation, I high-beamed the intruder in the face and pushed my trainee out the door, and we both bolted for the truck to call the police. We got away without incident, but, unfortunately, it was the last day for my trainee. It all happened so fast that I know if I’d reached for my weapon, one or both of us would’ve been shot.

I’ve come to rely on my SureFire products not only for me but also for my loved ones. I may not always have a firearm on me, but I’ll never be without my SureFire. Thanks for saving my hide.

Jacques D.
Crowley, LA

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