Anyone that has ever used a SureFire can tell you all about its extreme durability and intense light output. When I was in Iraq, primarily Fallujah, most of the guys had 6Ps—purchased with their own money, as we were issued decent but much less adequate lights from another manufacturer—mounted to their rifles. Gear is expensive, and certainly the Marine Corps has the lowest budget for it, but we all try to do the most with what we’ve got. Well, I took it upon myself to buy a dedicated infrared SureFire light that went with me on every convoy. It’s just as bright as any other SureFire, but those of us with NVDs (night vision devices) could see its beam.

One night, I was machine gunner for our convoy, which is a dangerous job, but a lot less dangerous with our SureFire’s lighting up the night. On this particular night, there was some small-arms fire from the locals at a nearby village, but it wasn’t directed at us. There was also some air support in the area. As we passed the village, all of the lights suddenly went off at the same time. Keeping my infrared light on, to enhance our night vision, our company commander spotted a glint in the roadway, illuminated only by my light, which turned out to be an IED. We stayed put—safe and sound—until EOD came out and cleared the way for us. If it hadn’t been for my powerful IR light, we probably would’ve driven right over that IED.

Thank you, SureFire, for keeping us safe.

James T.
Reynoldsburg, OH

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