I'm currently working in China as an English teacher, and I live in an area that borders run-down, dimly lit slums that are endemic of many Chinese cities. In these areas, foreigners are a strange and unique sight and often attract attention, usually harmless but occasionally of a more malicious nature. In addition, it is a commonly held belief that all foreigners are extremely wealthy. Walking home one night, I noticed three young Chinese men emerge from a dark recess and step out in front of me. One of them, seemingly encouraged by the presence his friends, came straight at me, trying to grab my bag. I instinctively took a step back, pulled out my >6P® LED [superseded by the 6PX Tactical --Ed.] that was riding in my jacket pocket, and gave him a point-blank, momentary burst of 120 lumens. The young man, no doubt stunned by the light, actually fell over backwards. At this point, his two friends, now confronted by the same beam and a screaming foreigner, scurried away, with their downed-and-disoriented friend scrambling to keep up. Although I don't think my life was at risk, I nearly lost my laptop, phone, and wallet. I must admit that I was a little shocked at how effective a deterrent my 6PL proved to be, but a deterrent it was. Ever since that night I give the darkest parts of my walk home a once-over with the light, and I haven't had any problems.

James C.
Miami, FL

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