As a medic in Iraq, it was my job to go out and check for casualties. One night, during a particularly intense firefight, I was checking on a particular casualty, who I heard moaning in the distance. We were still under attack, and I couldn’t leave him lying there because he was vulnerable to flying shrapnel. I ran over to him and dragged him to the nearest bunker so I could examine him with some type of safety. He was a bit incoherent but complaining of pain in his right leg. I examined him and found that he had ripped clothing from a piece of shrapnel that was sticking out of his pants right where the hip pocket was. To my astonishment, upon further examination the large piece of shrapnel was embedded in his SureFire 6P® flashlight. If that flashlight had not stopped this piece of shrapnel, he would have lost his leg or, even worse, shredded his artery and he would have bled to death.

I cannot say thank you enough, SureFire, for building a product that not only never quits but is built tough enough to literally save lives! I will never forget my time in Iraq with my brothers and sisters and how much we depended on your flashlights and WeaponLights nightly. Thank you again for your fine products!

Sgt. Stephen F.
Colorado Springs, CO

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