On Christmas of 2005, I met my neighbor's son he was going to Costa Rica with his girlfriend, who studies snakes. He was curious about the flashlight in my hands; I was holding a U2 Ultra. I said, "Sorry, you can't have my U2, but I can lend you my E1L Outdoorsman with an SC3 spares carrier." Two weeks later, I ran into his dad, and he said, ┬┤Wait til you hear the story of Scott's trip." It seems they took a walk at night with a guide and some tourist to look at the wildlife. The guide's light went out, and Scott, with his SureFire, saved the day. Without it they may have stepped on some serious poisonous snakes and spiders. Scott later told me he had all of the young ladies holding onto him because he was the only one with a light. In his own words: "This light is a babe magnet!" He has since purchased an E1L for himself as I wanted mine back. Right on, SureFire.

Thierry L.
Fort Bragg, CA

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