In 2010, I was critically wounded in Kandahar, Afghanistan, by an IED and small-arms ambush while on foot patrol. I had life-threatening wounds and was permanently blinded in my left eye. I returned fire, but every weapon attachment was busted. We had five additional wounded and two KIA (killed in action).

After medevac and return to The States, my equipment was returned to me. Every weapon attachment was busted; however, my SureFire WeaponLight and LED Helmet Light still functioned. They were cracked and peppered from shrapnel, but they still shined on, bright as ever. These lights took serious abuse but still came out on top.

I still use them when any critical situation arises. Through hell or high-water, these products work.

Wade C. - OEF 10 US Army, 82nd Airborne
Red Lodge, MT

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