I was a master plumber, I’m retired now, and I was working in the Bronx, NY, in a dark, flooded basement where the sewer had backed up. I had no idea how deep the water was, so I took a seven-foot broom handle to help guide me and make sure I didn’t fall into any submerged holes; I also had my SureFire flashlight (I never leave home without it) to light the way. As I scanned the area with my flashlight, I saw hundreds of beady little eyes glowing back at me—sewer rats, which average about a foot to 18 inches in length! I got a dry throat and scared like I’ve never been before. I shined my SureFire into their eyes, and it must’ve scared them as much as they scared me, because the rodents took off into the water and went back down into the sewer. There were so many of them that the cleared the blockage and the water went back down the drain with them. All thanks to my trusty SureFire flashlight.

Eric L.
Frankfort, NY