I bought my E1L Outdoorsman several years ago as a Boy Scout, and it served me faithfully on many long camping trips and other shenanigans my friends and I would pull. One night, back in college, my coveted light went missing. We searched for it for hours the next day, but to no avail. It had bugged me for the last two and a half years that my light went missing, but I was somehow able to move on. Well, a while back, one of my friends who owns the house where I lost the flashlight said he figured out what had been clogging his hot tub, and he pulled out my light! It had been submerged in his hot tub and withstood the freezing temperatures and hot water of that tub for over two years. Yet, when I hit the tailcap, it still worked! This sort of reliability has only cemented my confidence and loyalty to the SureFire brand. Thanks for making such a great product!

David P.
Auburn, AL

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