The day I brought my SureFire G2® LED [superseded by the G2X Tactical--Ed.] to the firehouse everyone asked about it-and how much it cost. When I told them the price, they gave me the business about spending as much as I did, showing me their cheap ten-dollar lights that they claimed were just as good as any other light out there. Right. They typically work for a week or two and then go out without warning. Two months after my purchase, our company was the second responding company to a house fire. The first responding company was extinguishing the fire, and we followed behind, doing our search. My partner and I entered a room, where we found a woman lying on the floor, thanks to my bright G2L cutting right through the smoke. We were able to get her out while she was still breathing. I know that, had I been using a cheap $10 no-name brand, we may not have found this woman as quickly as we did, and she may have perished. Your flashlights are by far the brightest and definitely the toughest out there. Real life-savers. Thanks for making such top-quality lights.

Joseph W.
Saint Louis, MO

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