As a photojournalist, I've learned over the years to pack quickly and lightly. Something I always travel with is my SureFire Saint MinimusĀ®headlamp. Recently, I was sent to Haiti to cover the aftermath of the earthquake. A few times, I was stuck walking in areas where the power was out. No street lights, nothing, just complete darkness, with a lot of debris on the ground. Rocks, cables, glass, metal, just about every kind of material that could injure you, so you have to be careful, especially in the dark. My headlamp proved to be an invaluable tool. The house I was staying at was partially running its electricity from a generator. There were two nights when the power at the house went out and we were stuck in the dark all night. It was awesome, walking around with my Minimus on. I was able to power down its output for things like eating or organizing my things. And when I went outside, I could increase its brightness. I was also constantly sweating profusely, and the headband responded well to all the sweat; it stayed dry and didn't get gross or disgusting. I even used it in the rain and was so happy to have it. The SureFire Minimus is a safety net; it really is. I wouldn't travel without it.

Lily E.
Plantation, FL

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