One cold, stormy night in March, I received a phone called from one of my friends. He told me he couldn't get his boat to start and he was 15 miles downriver from where he put in. He and another one of my friends had been catfishing that night, when they were caught by a storm, and now their boat wouldn't start. Before we hung up, they told me both of their cell phones were dying, so I wouldn't be able to call them again. I called another friend to go with me, and we put in our boat at the same landing. He brought two rechargeable spotlights, and I brought a corded spotlight and my SureFire E2L Outdoorsman. The river was low when we started down the river to find them. Both of us had been on this river but never that far down, so we were going slow, due to the weather and all the exposed debris caused by the low water level. We started out using my spotlight, which ran off of the boat battery, but it had a short in it, so it quit working about two miles down the river. My friend started using his rechargeable spotlights, and we made it about 15 miles in the rain, finding my stranded friend, but by then they were drained.

We got my friend's boat cranked, but we were out of lights to navigate back upriver—until I remembered that my E2L was in my pocket. I gave it to my friend, and he laid on the bow and used it to navigate the 15 miles back upriver. It provided more than enough light for us to see where we were going and dodge all the debris in the river from the storm. Thanks to my E2L, we all made it home safely that cold, stormy night.

Patrick R.
Willard, NC

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