We were out on a mounted patrol through the roads of Iraq. We were four trucks, rolling with lights on, my vehicle in the lead with a mine roller mounted to it. The lights on my vehicle died for some unknown reason, and I had to make a call fast: bring up a Humvee with hardly any armor to resist an IED or keep pushing on with the mine roller. All at once, the other two Marines in my truck and I said in unison, "SureFires up!"

The three of us pointed our SureFires on the road and what do we see? Two pressure-plate IEDs waiting for us. We waited for an hour for the IEDs to be destroyed, then continued on our mission for another hour or so when, right there in front of us, appears yet another IED.

The sun finally started to rise, and we made it back safely to our FOB. But without the quick thinking of three highly trained Marines and the brightness of three well-aimed SureFires, the roads of Iraq may very well have eaten us alive.

David T.
Oceanside, CA