I purchased a G2® LED [superseded by the G2X Tactical--Ed.] at the recommendation of my brother, a retired military officer and army pilot, a few months before Hurricane Ike hit. I'm sure glad I did. I'd been using Mag-Lites for decades and, frankly, never really owned a proper flashlight. When Ike hit, my G2L was literally my best friend. The storm rolled in, and I hunkered down. I used my light liberally to check my windows, doors, attic, and everywhere else water and trees might have breached my home as the storm waned down. My area had no power for six days, and my G2L's batteries lasted for five days without replacement, an amazing feat, considering how often I used my light.

I work for the largest chemical fertilizer plant in Texas. We sustained tens of millions of dollars in damages, as we are directly on the Houston ship channel and endured massive storm surges. Our plant had eight feet of water over 30 acres of offices and plant production rooms. While our staff and half dozen security officers used heavy, foot-long flashlights while we surveyed the damage, none shined as bright as mine. They had these $300 flashlights that wouldn't even last four hours without recharging, and they could not recharge without sticking them on a generator. I was always one of those people who thought a $10 flashlight from a big box store was enough. I was wrong. As a gun enthusiast, I intend to also supply myself with your tactical lights. Anyone who lives in an area with extreme weather, as I do, should have a SureFire. Thanks for making an outstanding product.

Kevin L.
Missouri City, TX

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