I clean the common areas of residential apartment buildings. One day I found some crackers in a Tupperware container next to an exit. I figured one of the tenants probably fed the birds with it, but tenants aren’t allowed to have any personal items in the common areas, so I threw away the crackers. Well, the tenant who owned the crackers approached me about it a few days later, and, after some heated words by him, he got so angry that he pulled a .38 revolver from his pants and put the gun to my head. I tried to reason with him, but he said “screw you,” and lowered the gun to my stomach and pulled the trigger.

My adrenaline pumping, I wasn’t sure if I was hit or not, but I reacted by tackling him to the ground. While we both struggled on the ground, I grabbed my E2D and struck him in the head. I knew instantly he was stunned, which bought me the time I needed to get away and call 911. Miraculously, the gun had misfired, so I wasn’t shot. He, however, was arrested, charged, convicted, and subsequently sent to prison.

Thanks, SureFire, for buying me the time I needed to get away from that lunatic.

Joe P.
Pawtucket, RI

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