I work as a paramedic in a large city where the crime rate is fairly high. I never run a call without my Surefire LX2 LumaMax® on me. At approx 2:00 a.m. one Saturday morning, my squad was dispatched to a call for a psych patient who was off of his medication and becoming aggressive toward his wife. I arrived to find the 44-year-old schizophrenic patient who was hearing voices and yelling at his wife and the voices.

I called for the police to respond, for our safety, and was told they were so busy that it would take a while. My partner and I attempted to calm the patient down, but that would only last so long before the voices took over. As time passed, the patient became more and more restless. I kept checking for the cops; 45 minutes had passed, and they still hadn't arrived. All of a sudden, the patient stated, “I know how I’m going to handle this,” and I got the feeling that something wasn’t right. He got up and quickly moved to the kitchen, which was completely dark due to the lack of lighting. I got up and followed him and could see that he had something in his hand.

I shined my LX2 on the counter and saw that he had a large kitchen knife in his hand and was making a motion as though he were going to stab himself. I yelled at him, he looked up at me, and lunged at me with the knife from about five feet away. I raised my LX2 and fired the light directly into his eyes, catching him off guard and starling him. To my amazement, he dropped the knife and backed himself into the fridge. His wife came running in to help calm him down, and this time it worked.

Ever since I purchased my first SureFire, friends and family have mocked me for spending that much on a flashlight. Now I tell them how my SureFire saved my life, which shuts them up quick. Thank you for making such a brilliant, dependable light that also serves as a backup self-defense tool—and for saving my life.

Steve L.
Waukesha, WI

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