While deployed in Panjiway Province, Afghanistan, we often did missions at night. Several months into our mission, our searchlight was destroyed. A replacement light was unavailable. Now, driving through towns like Khandahar at night without a light is insane. Luckily, I had my Surefire L4 LumaMax, which we taped to the side of our .50 caliber machine gun mount. We finished the rest of our deployment using that Surefire L4 as a search light. Not only did it work, no one really noticed a difference. A lot of guys on our team refused to believe we used that little light every night--until they saw it light up for themselves. Through Taliban attacks, heavy rain and sandstorms, even rammings from other vehicles, our little L4 kept on working long after our heavy-duty searchlight broke.

Christopher W.
Aiea, HI

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