I was a designated marksman in 1st Battalion, 6th Marines, B Company. In 2010, my company was inserted by helicopter into Marjah, Afghanistan. The SureFire HL1-D-TN mounted on my helmet saved me from the first time my boots hit the ground, getting off the bird. There was no moon for ambient light, and if you've ever worn a night-vision PVS-14, you know how hard it is to see. The infrared illumination from my SureFire Helmet Light allowed me to get set up and in position for the long firefight that started when the sun rose. It also allowed my platoon to know exactly where I was, thanks to its infrared IFF flashing beacon. I'm sad to say that, on the second day of the firefight, I was shot in my helmet by a sniper and my Helmet Light was lost. But my family was quick to send a replacement, which made subsequent patrols so much easier. Thanks, SureFire.

Andrew K
Casper, WY

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