I carry an E2D LED in my hunting backpack. I use the lower five-lumen setting for practically all hunting situations. This setting is perfect for entering/exiting the field and in the deer blind. Well, one late afternoon, as I was hunting in my blind, I saw a wild hog eating at my feeder. I got a good shot on the hog. Or so I thought. As the sun set, I exited my blind with my E2DL on its five-lumen setting to inspect the fallen hog. To my surprise the hog sprung to its feet and came at me full steam. It knocked me over, backpack, rifle and all. As it charged again, I was able to click on the light to the blinding 200-lumen setting. My flashlight disoriented the charging boar, which was enough to stop the boar dead in his tracks. I was able to squeeze off a couple shots and finish him off. Fortunately for me, my SureFire was able to save me from a potentially hazardous situation. Unfortunately for the hog, the blazing 200 lumens were too much for him to handle. Thanks, SureFire.

Guillermo R.
North Richland Hills, TX

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