During a road trip for business one night, I felt the car wobbling a bit and thought maybe I had a loss of air pressure in the tires or, worse yet, a bent rim. I pulled over to the shoulder, grabbed my SureFire 6P®, and stepped out to take a look, my sidearm with a SureFire X300® Ultra holstered and on me. As I was checking on the tires, a car pulled over behind me on the interstate. Thinking it was a concerned passerby stopping to help, I stood up to greet them. Three men got out of the vehicle, and I said hello, but as they approached me, they did not reply and they split up, walking toward me from three different directions. Their car’s headlights were bright, but, fortunately, so was my flashlight. I asked them to identify themselves, but they didn't answer, so I pointed my 6P into the front man’s face and drove him back. As he stumbled back, I was aware of the other two coming at me and I transitioned to my sidearm, yelling at them to get back while using my X300 Ultra to keep them disoriented. They all scrambled back to their car as I kept the X300’s light shining in their faces.

The encounter certainly had my adrenaline going, but the 6P gave me enough time to transition to my sidearm with an even more powerful light. In all, I counted myself lucky that I didn't have to use my sidearm—and that the light proved powerful enough to obscure the would-be assailants’ vision and convince them to move on. Most of the general public would never believe that a flashlight can be so convincing in a situation like that, but I learned of the value of a good tactical light back in Iraq. Now, just like my wallet, keys, and pocket knife, I always carry my 6P. I will be a customer for life and want to thank the people at SureFire who make quality products that saves lives.

Derald W.
Sanford, NC

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