The Surefire Helmet Light with built-in IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) transponder was a piece of equipment my team and my command fought to get for months. Finally, I made a few deals and scored us a couple of Helmet Lights for Downed Aircraft Recovery missions.

During the months in Kandahar, our team responded to multiple sites, all in the middle of the night. One night, our team was inserted under fire. The helicopter and team were taking fire; one round hit the tool box they had and bounced off a team member’s helmet. As they took up firing positions, they had the IFFs on their Helmet Lights on. Overwatch provided a Reaper drone that picked up the IFF signals and clearly identified the bad guys from the good guys.

I have no doubt, SureFire, that you provided the necessary tools that saved the lives of my men, preventing friendly fire and getting them home safely. From a grateful and proud team, thank you for having our backs.

Joseph K.
Fort Campbell, KY

PS: I got the go-ahead to order more Helmet Lights. Thanks, Big Army. Also, thanks for the easy-to-find NSNs.

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